Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Health Protection Agency warns of heat wave risk

An official warning just published by the Health Protection Agency report says that there is a one-in-40 chance that the south-east of England will suffer a serious heat wave by 2012.

This is not good news for the many gardeners already struggling to keep their favourite plants irrigated. Fitting a water butt can help in this situation by catching rainwater -but on a large scale this can look unsightly. A better, but more expensive solution, is the storage of grey water and rainwater in an underground tank.

Mulching of plants can also help to prevent water being lost by evaporation - but a far better plan is to adapt your planting to include plant tolerant of drought.

Many of you will have noticed the unseasonally warm temperatures this Spring - and the daffodils already out! In fact, Trawscoed in North Wales recorded the temperature as hitting 64F (18C) on 12th Feb - twice the norm for the time of year.

Act now to replant your garden with more drought tolerant plants

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